Your Exclusive Canadian Apollo AG1 Dealer

ŒŒŒ*Apollo AG1 Gyroplane with colour of your choice.

*ROTAX 912 ULS Aviation Engine 100 Hp

*Averso Rotor System

*Instructor Package including removable rear stick, rudder control, brakes, PPT and separate mag switch

*Instrumentation including Altimeter, ASI, Rotor RPM, Engine monitoring guages, Rotor main bearing     temp guage, Engine RPM, CHT, Oil pressure, Oil temp, Fuel guage, panel mounted compass.

*Sterna 3 Blade composite propeller

*Pneumatic trim, pre-rotator and rotor brake

​*Factory built and test flown.

$63,500 Ready to fly with the following Standard Equipment

Gyro Craft Aviation

167 Silverdart Drive, Breslau, On.

Hangar #14 CYKF