Gyro Craft Aviation

167 Silverdart Drive, Breslau, On.

Hangar #14 CYKF

Your Exclusive Canadian Apollo AG1 Dealer


Empty Weight: 650 lbs (912ULS), 680 lbs (914UL)
Gross Weight: 1232 lbs
Style: Pusher, trigear, tandem seating
Minimum Speed (Vmin): 20 mph
Max Cruise Speed: 105 mph
Max straight and level speed (Vh), 914UL: 120 mph
General Cruise: 55 mph - 100 mph
Never Exceed Speed (Vne): 120 mph
Takeoff roll at ISA (calm air, short prepared grass, pre-rotate to 250 RRPM): 300 feet Landing roll: 0 to 30 feet with proper technique
Rate of Climb at sea level, ISA: 787 FPM (912ULS)/984 FPM (914UL)
Fuel: 17.5 USG
Rotor: Averso Stella, 27' 10"